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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun PSD COLORING :iconiscarletbluelove:iScarletbluelove 467 16 Cherry Blossom PSD coloring :iconitskira:itskira 68 14 PSD Coloring 11 :iconpichi4329:PiChi4329 141 34 PSD Coloring 14 :iconpichi4329:PiChi4329 15 6 PSD Coloring O6 :iconpichi4329:PiChi4329 148 65 PSD Coloring 004 :iconvesaspring:vesaspring 713 73 Rise of the Guardians +speedpaint :iconluluseason:LuluSeason 12,410 731 Alice in Wonderland :iconjvvvk:jvvvk 3,815 193 Well, Which? :icongracetan-mizutone:GraceTan-Mizutone 3 5 Black Red Fusion Pack :iconchocoreiko-chan:ChocoReiko-Chan 14 0 Test ur Lucky! :iconev-chii:Ev-chii 6 1 brilliance :iconminataka94:minataka94 1,630 67 KHR Shimeji: Byakuran :iconvikialele-chan:Vikialele-chan 41 6 My 1st References :iconev-chii:Ev-chii 14 10





Today, I was tagged by: :iconribbonchocola:

Here are the rules:

1) Post the rules.
2) Put 5 things about yourself in the journal entry.
3) Answer the questions the tagger sent you and create 11 more for the taggies.. No "if's", "and's", or "but's" about it.
4) Choose 11 people to tag. Post their icons.
5) Tell them on their page that they've been tagged.
6) No tag-backs.


1) Im baka.
2) Fujotaku desu.
3) I'm expert at stalking deeeeesu.
4) I hate to go to school.
5) Most active on twitter and tumblr. =w=


1) Do you hate tagged?
2) Do you an otaku?
3) Have a pet?
4) Do... you hate me?...
5) Fav. Game?
6) PC or iPad?
7) Scary with ghost?
8) Your best shirt ?
9) Do you like Sweet-Outside-but-Hars-Inside-girl? XDD
10) Coffe or Cappucino or Tea?
11) Can you make MMD model for me??


1) Not really. ^^;
2) Yep! :D
3) Nope, but I'd like to have a pet in my home! <3
4) No larh.
5) Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Corpse Party <3
6) iPad maybe? ._.
7) Sometimes, it depends on what ghost is it, or with the situation. lololoool
8) ......Idk....? ._.
9) Maybe? wwwww that's me y'know.
10) Cappucino!
11) I can't make and I don't have MMD on my PC.. ._.) sumimaseeeennn ><

1) Do you have someone that you love right now?
2) Do you have tumblr?
3) Do you covering a song(s)?
4) Ice cream or pancake? :9
5) Favorite color?
6) What is your currently phone brand right now?
7) Where do you life?
8) What do you think about me? ._.)
9) Do you have a pen tablet?
10) Can you draw at Paint Tool SAI? ._.)
11) What is your twitter username? (If you have it tho.) Lemme follow you, nah :9

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I'm from Indonesia too : D
**high five**

Your edits are amazing ~! +fav +watch 
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Can I have the password in your PSD Reference Pack?
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me still learning ^^

and i hope you can give me the password of this references [link] thank you :D and im new at photoshop 6^
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watch me back please? Sankyu :D
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is this still password protected? since you said feel free to download it.... [link]
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